Unable to view Facebook Page Access Request in Facebook

If you are unable to view Lotvantage's Facebook Access Request in the "Page Roles" section on Facebook please follow these steps to share access to your page.

Step 1 is to create a business manager for your page, to do so follow the instructions here: 


Once that step is completed, and you've created a Business manager with Facebook click on the nine dots pictured below and select "business settings"

Click on "Partners", and then click on the blue "Add" button, and "Give a partner access to your assets":

At this point you will need to email support@lotvantage.com and we will provide you with our Partner Business ID to proceed.

Once you've entered the page ID you will need to select your dealership, switch the toggle for "Manage Page", and then hit "save Changes". Once this step is completed Lotvantage has access to your page, and there is nothing further that needs to be done.