Craigslist Dashboard Overview

To access the craigslist dashboard, click on "Marketplaces", and then hover over "Craigslist", from there click on "Dashboard". If you have our Hands free service you will be greeted with your live ads, and if you have our manual service you will be greeted with the vehicles that fit your posting criteria, and are the best candidates to post.


From this page you have a few view options and filters to choose from:

"Suggested to post": These are the vehicles that best suit the posting criteria that you set in your craigslist settings. 

"All Inventory": This is a list of all inventory, regardless of condition.

"Unlisted USED Inventory": This is any used vehicle that is not currently live on Craigslist.

"Unlisted NEW Inventory": This is any new vehicle that is not currently live on Craigslist.

Once you've found the vehicle that you intend to post you have the option to "preview" the ad or to just schedule the vehicle as you see it displayed on the dashboard. If you select the preview option you are presented with a pop up window wherein you're able to make changes to the information before posting the vehicle.

If you select the schedule option you may still make changes to the title and pricing before scheduling. Those changes will carry over to the ad once it has post. 

Managing Live or Scheduled Ads:

To manage the ads that you currently have live on craigslist you will need to click on the "All Live Ads" pane in the center section.

This selection will bring up the list of live ads. From here you have the option to select manage or update. The manage button will bring up a pop up that lets you make custom edits to the ad's title, pricing, or the body of the ad. In this pop up you will also find the option to delete the ad.

The update button will instead update the ad to match exactly what the vehicle's current information is. This option is helpful when you have already made changes to the vehicle and do not need to customize the information beyond what you have already done. 

In this pane you will also see the option to view your scheduled ads. If an ad was scheduled by mistake this is where you can find the vehicle, and remove it from the scheduling.